Summary of the antibodies used in this study

IsoformSourcea (catalog no.)Successful EMSASuccessful Western blot analysis
NFATc1Santa Cruz (1789X)
NFATc1Santa Cruz (1149X)
NFATc1Santa Cruz (7294)
NFATc1Orbigen (10195)Yes
NFATc1PharMingen (556602)Yes
NFATc2Santa Cruz (7295)YesYes
NFATc2Noncommercial (1777)
NFATc3Santa Cruz (8321)YesYes
NFATc3Santa Cruz (1154)
NFATc3Santa Cruz (8405)
NFATc4Santa Cruz (1153)
NFATc4Santa Cruz (13036X)Yes
NFATc4Oncogene (PC625)Yes
NFATc4Noncommercial (889)
NFATc4Noncommercial (890)
NFAT5Santa Cruz (13035X)Yes
NFAT5Oncogene (PC626)
  • a The noncommercial NFAT antibodies were a generous gift of Nancy R. Rice (Harvard). All other commercial antibodies were used at the recommended concentrations.