S. cerevisiae strains used in this study

StrainRelevant genotypeSource or reference
1783MATaaI. Herskowitz
1788MATa/MATαaI. Herskowitz
DL376MATa pkc1Δ::LEU2a29
DL1248MATα stt1-1 pRS315[PKC1 ADE3]bThis study
DL2312MATa bck1Δ::HIS4aThis study
DL2315MATa/MATα bck1Δ::HIS4/BCK1aThis study
DL2745MATa bck1Δ::HIS4 htl1Δ::TRP1aThis study
DL2749MATa htl1Δ::TRP1aThis study
DL2751MATα htl1Δ::TRP1aThis study
DL2754MATa/MATα htl1Δ::TRP1/htl1Δ::TRP1aThis study
DL2822MATα “pet18” isolate of DL1248#1bThis study
DL2823MATα “pet18” isolate of DL1248#2bThis study
MCY3890MATa swh3-ts16 (rsc8ts)c44
YBC628MATa rsc3Δ::HIS3 pRS316[RSC3]d1
YBC840MATa rsc3Δ::HIS3 pRS315[rsc3-1]d1
YBC842MATa rsc3Δ::HIS3 pRS315[rsc3-2]d1
YBC843MATa rsc3Δ::HIS3 pRS315[RSC3]d1
YBC906MATa rsc3Δ::HIS3 pRS315[rsc3-3]d1
YBC928MATa his3Δ1 leu2Δ0 lys2Δ0 ura3Δ0 trp1Δ63 pep4Δ::KanmxThis study
YBC1334MATa rsc3Δ::HIS3 htl1Δ::TRP1 pRS316[HTL1] pRS315[RSC3]dThis study
YBC1336MATa rsc3Δ::HIS3 htl1Δ::TRP1 pRS316[HTL1] pRS315[rsc3-1]dThis study
YBC1338MATa rsc3Δ::HIS3 htl1Δ::TRP1 pRS316[HTL1] pRS315[rsc3-2]dThis study
YBC1340MATa rsc3Δ::HIS3 htl1Δ::TRP1 pRS316[HTL1] pRS315[rsc3-3]dThis study
  • a EG123 background (leu2-3,112 trp1-1 ura3-52 his4 can1).

  • b ade2 ade3 ura3 leu2 trp1 his3.

  • c W303-1A background (trp1-1 leu2-3,112 his3-11,15 ura3-1 ade2-1 can1-100).

  • d his3Δ200 leu2Δ1 lys2-128Δ trp1Δ63 ura3-52.