Electron microscopic findings

ChondrocytesMatrix architecture
Size and shapeCell processes (microvilli)Cytoplasma organellesPericellular matrix compartmentTerritorial matrix compartmentInterterritorial matrix compartment
MIA+/+ and MIA+/− NormalNormal lengthNormalLow density of fine collagen fibrilsIncreased normal collaginous fibrillar networkNormal parallel-oriented fine fibrillar collaginous network
MIA−/− NormalIncreased no., extended lengthNormalIncreased collagen fibrillar density, increased fibrillar diam, larger, variation in fibril diam and size distribution, capsule-like accumulations of fibrilsIncreased collagen fibrillar density, larger fibrillar diam and fibril diam variationsLarger fibrillar diam, larger cross-sectioned fibrillar area variations, higher degree of disorientation