Frequency of crossing over in mer3 mutant strains

Relevant genotypeIntervalResult ata:
No. of eventsMap distance (cM)No. of events Map distance (cM)
MER3 CAN1-URA3 20631215382043161739
URA3-HOM3 21730611351953251840
HOM3-TRP2 438942104389519.5
mer3GD CAN1-URA3 313214925 (0.66)325192320 (0.51)
URA3-HOM3 346191520 (0.57)359159317 (0.43)
HOM3-TRP2 428102512 (1.2)4338318.6 (0.91)
mer3KA CAN1-URA3 336205522 (0.58)3371771023 (0.59)
URA3-HOM3 352183520 (0.57)377146316 (0.40)
HOM3-TRP2 4478139.3 (0.93)4368329.1 (0.96)
  • a Tetrads obtained in Table 2 were examined. Only 4-sv tetrads that did not show aberrant segregation of the relevant markers were used to calculate map distances. Numbers in parentheses show relative frequencies of crossing over in the mer3GD and mer3KA mutants compared to those in the corresponding intervals in the wild-type strain. PD, parental ditype; TT, tetratype; NPD, nonparental ditype.