Deletion of NRG1 and NRG2 partially suppresses the snf1 mutant defect in STA2-lacZ expressiona

Relevant genotypeUnits of β-galactosidase activity in:
2% glucose0.05% glucose
Wild type0.137
nrg1 nrg222190
snf1 nrg14.03.1
snf1 nrg20.40.5
snf1 nrg1 nrg27.08.0
  • a Strains with the indicated genotypes were transformed with pLCLG-Staf, a centromeric plasmid carrying STA2-lacZ (12). Transformants were grown to mid-log phase in selective SC-2% glucose and shifted to SC-0.05% glucose for 4 hr. β-Galactosidase activity levels were assayed in permeabilized cells and are expressed in Miller units, as described previously (37). Values are averages of activity levels for three transformants, and standard errors were <15%.