RIM101 responsive gene expression

rim101Δ/wt ratioa,brim13Δ/wt ratioctup1Δ/wt ratiodOpen reading frame or geneDescriptionNo. of PacC siteseRim101p bindingf YPL277C Similar to YOR389W 1Yes
36.827.94.9 YJR061W Similar to mannosylphosphate transfer protein, Mnn4p1Yes
22.622.67.0 YOR389W Similar to YPL277C 1Yes RIM8 Required for Rim101p processing2Yes YMR322C Similar to YDR533C 0NDi SMP1 Putative transcription factor, similar to RLM1 1Yes
4.95.373.6 FDH1 Similar to formate dehydrogenases0ND YNL274C Similar to glycerate and formate dehydrogenases1ND ARN1 Ferrichrome iron transporter0ND KTR5 Putative mannosyltransferase1ND YDL038C Similar to mucin proteins0No YIL121W Similar to antibiotic resistance proteins0ND
3.0g 3.01.4 CTS1 Endochitinase0No NRG1 Transcriptional repressor in glucose response pathway1Yes PRB1 Vacuolar protease B1Yes YNL208W Similar to N starvation-induced protein1ND YPL088W Similar to aryl-alcohol dehydrogenases1ND
0.500.560.27 UTR2 Putative cell wall hydrolase0ND
0.500.360.91 YGR035C Hypothetical protein0ND
0.500.772.4 WSC4 Putative integral membrane protein0ND
0.500.771.3 YPL014W Hypothetical protein0ND
0.480.483.2 FET4 Low-affinity Fe(II) transporter0ND
0.430.431.0 MFA1 A-factor mating pheromone precursor0ND
0.430.431.4 AGA2 Adhesion subunit of a-agglutinin0ND
0.430.400.45 BAR1 Extracellular protease that inactivates α-factor0No
0.400.383.2 YRO2 Similar to HSP30 heat shock protein, Yro1p0ND
0.400.480.90 ARN4 Siderophore iron transporter0No
0.29h 1.134.4 SHC1 Sporulation-specific homolog of SKT5 0ND
0.220.434.7 YOR049C Similar to YER185W, RTA1 0ND COS8 Subtelomeric protein0ND RIM101 Zn finger transcriptional regulator0ND YDR133C Questionable open reading frame0ND CWP1 Cell wall mannoprotein0ND
0.0940.0513.2 YDL241W Hypothetical protein0ND
0.031g 0.0365.2 FLO10 Flocculation protein0ND
  • a In all experiments, ratios above 2 indicate up-regulation in the mutant and ratios below 0.5 indicate up-regulation in the wild type (wt). The table is sorted in descending order of the rim101Δ/wild-type ratios.

  • b Ratio is calculated as the rim101Δ (WXY281) signal divided by the wild-type (TLY941) signal.

  • c Ratio is calculated as the rim13Δ (WXY278) signal divided by wild-type (TLY941) signal.

  • d Values reported in reference 20.

  • e Number of TGCCAAG sites within 600 bp upstream of start site.

  • f Indicates promoter enrichment in Rim101-HA2p chromatin IP (Fig. 2).

  • g Regulated only in SK-1 strains.

  • h Regulated only in YC11 strains (ratio compares TLY925 and TLY926 strains).

  • i ND, not determined.