Summary of data on conservation of canonical E boxes, in vivo Myc binding, and expression profiles of glycolytic gene expression

GeneThis studyData from previous studiesa
No. of canonical E boxesbConservation of E-box regionIn vivo Myc bindingcInduction by MycdInduction by MyceInduction by MYC-ERMyc DNA binding
ENO153Yes+++ (0.80)8.05 (±0.11)Up (M, S)YesYes (ChIP)
HK254Yes+++ (1.47)3.66 (±1.28)Up (M)Yes
LDHA23Yes+++ (0.75)14.98 (±0.88)Up (M, S)YesYes (ChIP, EMSA)
GAPD02No+++ (0.76)3.72 (±0.36)Up (G, S)NoYes (ChIP)
PFKM11 (rat)fNo++ (0.29)8.68 (±0.03)Up (M, S)Yes
TPI101Yesg++ (0.34)5.19 (±2.29)No
GPI10No+/− (0.11)9.84 (±3.23)Up (M)Yes/Noh
PGK134No+/− (0.17)2.85 (±1.24)UpNDi
PKM212No+/− (0.13)3.20 (±0.94)NDYes (ChIP)
BPGM14No− (0.03)0.74 (±0.12)ND
PGAM213No− (0.02)NAND
PKLR10No− (0.02)NANo
ALDOA22NoNA6.73 (±0.08)No
HK148NoNA1.93 (±0.03)ND
  • a Data adapted from the MYC target gene database ( and previous publications (7, 29, 32).

  • b Number of canonical E boxes within the 5 kb upstream of the transcriptional start site through intron 1.

  • c In vivo Myc binding is indicated as follows: +++, strong binding; ++, moderate binding; +/−, weak binding; −, no binding; NA, not available. The percentage of total input is shown in parentheses.

  • d Fold induction in P493-6 cells not treated with tetracycline.

  • e The method is given in parentheses as follows: M, microarray; S, SAGE; G, guess.

  • f Most sequences for the mouse Pfkm reporter region are not available.

  • g Conservation of noncanonical E boxes.

  • h Yes/No, discrepant reports.

  • i ND, not determined.