List of strains

StrainRelevant genotypeRemarks or reference
GGY::171 MATα URA3::GAL1-lacZ gal80Δ gal4Δ his3-200 ura3-52 leu2-3,112 6
Y422 MAT a/MATα ura3-52/ura3-52 trp1Δ/trp1Δ leu2-3,112/leu2-3,112 ade2-1/ade2-R8 his4-519/HIS4 his6-1/HIS6 gal/GAL+ can1/CAN1
Y424 ime1Δ::TRP1/ime1Δ::TRP1 Isogenic to Y422
Y556 MATα ura3-52 trp1Δ leu2-3,112 ade2-101 met can1-100
Y568 bcy1::URA3 Isogenic to Y556
Y1017 MATα URA3::GAL1-lacZ his3-200 leu2-3,112 ura3-52 rim11::LEU2 trp1Δ
Y1064 MAT a ura3-52 leu2,3-112 trp1Δ his3Δ::hisG gal80Δ::hisG gal4Δ::hisG
Y1065 MATα ura3-52 trp1(del) leu2-3,112 his3::hisG gal80::hisG gal4::hisG
Y1066 rim11Δ(157-370)::LEU2 Isogenic to Y1064
Y1078 cdc25-5 Isogenic to Y1064
Y1120 cdc25-5 Isogenic to Y1065
Y1084 rim11Δ(157-370)::LEU2 cdc25-5 Isogenic to Y1064
Y1089 rim11Δ(157-370)::LEU2 Isogenic to Y1065
Y1093 rim11Δ(157-370)::LEU2 cdc25-5 Isogenic to Y1065
Y1174 rim11Δ(157-370)::LEU2 his3Δ::hisG::rim11K68A Isogenic to Y1064
Y1235-1 rim15Δ(196-1335)::loxP leu2::LEU2-rim15K823A Isogenic to Y1064
Y1343 MAT a/MATα ura3/ura3 trp1/trp1 his3/his3 leu2/leu2 tpk3Δ::HIS3/tpk3Δ::HIS3 CEN.PK2 background
Y1344 tpk1Δ::URA3/tpk1Δ::URA3 tpk2Δ::kanL/tpk2Δ::kanL
Y1345 tpk1Δ::URA3/tpk1Δ::URA3 tpk3Δ::HIS3/tpk3Δ::HIS3
Y1346 tpk2Δ::kanL/tpk2Δ::kanL tpk3Δ::HIS3/tpk3Δ::HIS3 Isogenic to Y1343
Y1392 rim11K68A-LEU2 Isogenic to Y1064
Y1393 rim11K68A-LEU2 cdc25-5 Isogenic to Y1064
Y1456 rim11Δ(157-370)::LEU2 ura3-52::URA3-rim113SA Isogenic to Y1064
Y1471 MAT a/MATα rim11Δ(157-370)::LEU2/rim11Δ(157-370)::LEU2 ura3-52/ura3-52::URA3-rim113SA Isogenic to Y422
YPM252 MATα ura3-52 leu2Δ1 trp1Δ1 his3Δ200 H. Mitsuzawa
HM110-3A cyr1-230ts Isogenic to YPM252