Genes downregulated after 4-OHT withdrawala

Accession no., gene descriptionbChangeSD
Interferon-regulated genes
    AF022371, Interferon-activated gene 203, leucine zipper3.420.85
    U19119, Lrg-47, G-protein like1.950.17
    M27134, H2k, histocompatibility 2, K region locus 21.860.42
    M31419, Interferon-activated gene 2041.590.32
Cytokine and chemokine signaling
    X62940, Tgf-β-induced transcript 4, leucine zipper1.950.37
    X59398, Flt-3, receptor tyrosine kinase1.720.22
    U16985, Tnf-β, cytokine1.400.23
    U88327, Socs-2, inhibitor of IGF signaling1.370.09
    L40172, Jak-3, tyrosine kinase1.290.19
Signaling, transcription regulation, and cell cycle
    U33629, Meis1, transcription factor2.830.38
    L38444, Tgtp, T-cell-specific GTP-binding protein2.040.84
    AF020200, Pbx3b, transcription factor2.010.25
    J03776, Rpt-1, T-cell-specific suppressor of IL-2-activated transcription2.011.08
    M28845, Egr-1, transcription factor1.770.06
    X93328, F4/80, macrophage surface marker, hormone receptor-like1.630.12
    M12731, N-myc1.620.07
    AF080215, Par-4, megakaryocyte thrombin receptor1.540.16
    AB005458, Hoxa9, transcription factor1.470.21
    X97268, Lpap, Ptprc, B220 receptor tyrosine phosphatase associated1.380.02
    M64360, Lmo2, Rbtn2, Lim domain transcription factor1.320.01
Enzymes and transporters
    U96746, Aoe372, antioxidant enzyme1.730.35
    U75215, mAsct1, neutral amino acid transporter1.690.30
    AF011379, Adam 10, tumor necrosis factor alpha convertase1.400.14
    Z11974, Mmr-1, macrophage mannose receptor1.880.40
    M36579, S100a4, calcium-binding protein1.870.28
    X98471, Emp-1, epithelial membrane protein 11.740.20
    AB015598, mTim1, murine timeless homolog1.480.52
  • a Only named genes are listed that showed a significant change in expression levels in at least two of three experiments. Average values and standard deviations are given.

  • b Genes in bold were found overexpressed in human leukemias with MLL involvement in previous studies (2, 45).