Analysis of embryos from Oct-1+/− × Oct-2+/− crossesa

AgeTotal no.No. deadNo. genotypedNo. (%)
Wild typeOct-1+/−Oct-2+/−Oct-1+/−; Oct-2+/− aliveOct-1+/−; Oct-2+/− dead
E18.5170174 (23.5)6 (35.3)1 (5.9)6 (35.3)0 (0)
Postnatal7857323 (31.5)11 (15.7)20 (27.4)5 (6.8)4 (5.5)
Week 3
  • a Embryos and pups were genotyped by PCR and Southern with yolk sac and tail DNA as described in the text. The category of dead Oct-1+/−; Oct-2+/− pups included animals that either died soon after birth due to unknown causes or until the time of weaning at 21 days.