Analysis of embryos from Oct-1+/− crossesa

Gestational ageTotal no. of embryosNo. of resorbed embryosNo. genotypedNo. (%) of embryos
+/++/−−/−−/− runted−/− dead
E13.52112019147 (24.6)110 (57.6)20 (10.5)7 (3.6)7 (3.6)
E18.5305246 (25)17 (70.8)2 (8.3)1 (4.2)1 (4.2)
E20.5 (pups)38012368145 (39.4)223 (60.6)0 (0)0 (0)0 (0)
  • a Genotypes of resorbed embryos were not available. Nonresorbed embryos and newborn pups were genotyped by PCR and Southern blotting with yolk sac and tail DNA as described in the text. The −/− group included only embryos which were alive and anatomically normal at the time of dissection, whereas the −/− runted group consisted of embryos which were visibly smaller and paler but alive.